Minister of Defense

Photo of Kyuma


Date of birth: December 4, 1940
Member of the House of Representatives
Constituency: Nagasaki Prefecture 2nd district (Elected 9 times)

1964Graduated from University of Tokyo (Faculty of Law )

January 2007Minister of Defense
September 2006Minister of State for Defense
September 2004Chairman, General Council, LDP
September 2002Acting Secretary-General, LDP
April 2002Chief Director, Special Committee on Responses to Armed Attacks, H.R.
September 2001Chief Director, Special Committee on Prevention of International Terrorism and Japan's Cooperation and Support, H.R.
May 2001Acting Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP
January 2001Chief Director, Standing Committee on Budget, H.R.
July 2000Chairman, Research Commission on Security, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
November 1996Minister of State for Defense ( till July 1998 )
November 1987Parliamentary Vice Minister of Transport
June 1980Elected as a Member of the House of Representatives
( H.R. 9 terms up to the present)
April 1971Member of Nagasaki Prefectural Assembly ( 3 terms )