Civilian campaigns and efforts

Since becoming aware that their loved ones had been abducted by North Korea, the families of the abductees have launched a long and desperate campaign to retrieve their loved ones.

The "Association of the Families of Victims Kidnapped by North Korea" (AFVKN) was formed in 1997, and with the support of civilian support groups, they have made tireless efforts to raise awareness and retrieved their loved ones. Such efforts have mustered both domestic and international support and have lead to the number of signed petitions to the Prime Minister of Japan surpassing 6 million on aggregate.


Civilian campaigns and the blue ribbon

Civilian campaigns to retrieve the abductees are associated with the blue ribbon and the colour blue. The colour blue represents the Sea of Japan which separates the abductees homeland of Japan and North Korea. It also represents the colour of the sky, which is the only endless link between the abductees and their families.