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Cabinet Decisions and Other Announcements

Government Statement

September 28, 2017

[Provisional translation]

The House of Representatives has now been dissolved.

Since the change of government five years ago, the administration has continued to shoot “arrows of reform” under Abenomics. As a result, the Japanese economy has experienced six consecutive quarters of positive economic growth and robust economic growth led by domestic demand is being realized. Employment has increased by 1.85 million people and the ratio of job offers to job seekers for permanent positions now exceeds 1 for the first time since the survey began.

Now is the time to take on the matter of an aging society coupled with a falling birthrate, the greatest challenge Japan faces. The administration will boldly commit policy resources to eliminating causes of great unease among the working generation, namely child rearing and nursing care, while transitioning the social security system to a system oriented to all generations. Moreover, the decision was made that stable financial resources derived from raising the consumption tax rate must be used to invest in children’s futures above all. Insofar as the way the administration has pledged to the public until now to use consumption tax revenues will be changed and it will begin to develop bold policies for overcoming the falling birthrate, the Prime Minister considered it imperative to seek a popular mandate at this time.

The government will at all times do its utmost towards crisis management and protect the lives and the property of the Japanese people against the threat from North Korea. This is a matter of course. Without resolution of the abduction, nuclear, and missile issues, no bright future is possible for North Korea. The international community must maximize pressure on North Korea using every possible means in order to cause it to change its policies. No one the world over hopes for conflict. But there is no meaning in having dialogue only for the sake of dialogue. Upon receiving the public’s vote of confidence through this election, the administration intends to advance robust diplomacy and take a resolute approach to North Korea, together with the international community.

The Prime Minister himself will spearhead efforts to take on situations that should also truly be called national crises, namely Japan’s aging society and dwindling birthrate and the tense North Korea situation, and is determined to defend Japan until the end through receiving a vote of confidence from the public. For that reason, the Prime Minister has decided to dissolve the House of Representatives at this time and seek a public mandate.

The government strongly urges all relevant parties to enable this general election to be conducted in a fair manner throughout and ardently hopes that the Japanese public amply recognizes the significance of the general election and exercises the right to vote in a careful and earnest manner.


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