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Tsuyoshi TAKAGI

Tsuyoshi TAKAGI

Minister for Reconstruction
Minister in charge of Comprehensive Policy Coordination for Revival from the Nuclear Accident at Fukushima

Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP)
Member of the House of Representatives
Fukui Prefecture, 2nd Electoral District (elected 6 times)

March 1978 Graduated from Faculty of Law, Aoyama Gakuin University
October 2015

Reconstruction Minister

(3rd Abe Cabinet)

September 2014

Ranking Member of the Lower House Committee on Rules and Administration
Diet Affairs Committee, Principal Vice Chairman, LDP

September 2013

Senior Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
(2nd Abe Cabinet)

August 2013

Chairman of the Lower House Committee on Rules and Administration

December 2012

Elected for the 5th term

(46th General Election)

October 2012 Diet Affairs Committee, Principal Vice Chairman, LDP
October 2009 Diet Affairs Committee, Vice Chairman, LDP
August 2009

Elected for the 4th term

(45th General Election)

September 2007 Chairman, Foreign Affairs Division, Policy Research Council, LDP
September 2006 Deputy Secretary-General, LDP
November 2005

Parliamentary Secretary for Defense Agency

(3rd Koizumi Cabinet)

September 2005

Elected for the 3rd term

(44th General Election)

October 2004 Director General of Public Speeches Division, Party Organization
and Campaign Headquarter, LDP
November 2003

Elected for the 2nd term

(43rd General Election)

June 2000

Elected to the House of Representatives for the first time
(42nd General Election)

January 1996

Chairman, Hokuriku Shinetsu District Council ,Junior Chamber International Japan

May 1980

President, Takagi Corporation


“If you put your mind to it, you can do it; if you do not, you cannot.”


Mother, Wife, Two sons, Two daughters

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